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This website is maintained by Green Mile Corp. We keep our customers' personal information confidential and protect from illegal and inappropriate changes or adjustments by obeying the following principles.
1.Collecting personal informaiton
During the counseling, we might ask for personal information. Every piece of information is stated and regnized in appropriate and legal usage.
2.Usage of customer's personal informaiton
We promise to only use our customer's informaiton for the following uses.

・To provide rental service and related informaiton requested by the costumers 
・To respond and answer costumers' inquiries
・Contact for emergency

3.Management of customer's personal informationについて

We understand the importance of the confidentiality in customer's informaiton and will work to protect and manage in proper manner the information received by obeying the relevant rules.

4.Adjustment of Privacy Policy

For the protection of customers' informaiton, our privacy policies will adjust along with the confidentiality laws. If any adjustment occurs, it will be posted and announced on our website.
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