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FAQ about Tokyo House
About applying to Greenhouse
Q: I am currently living abroad but am planning to go back to Tokyo, is it ok if I can still apply for Green House without checking the room first in person?
A: Yes, but there will be prior questionnaire for us to know you better.
Q: Is it possible to move in right after checking out the room?
A: Yes, it is possible to move in on the day of room-checking if the requested room is available.
Q: If there is vacancy, can you notify me?
A: Vacancies will be posted on our website, you can also contact us by email and telephone.
Q: can I meet with the people who have already been staying in Green House?
A: we have not arranged this kind of meeting yet, however, it is possible to meet them when checking out the room.
Q: How can I apply for rooms in Green House?
A: Please call or email to Greenmile Corp. Our contact information.<contact us
Q: Before arriving at Green House, can I send my luggage ahead of time?
A: Yes, you can.
Q: Do I need a guarantor?
A: we need someone from your family whom we can contact when there is an emergency and when we lose contact with the resident himself/herself.
Q: When can I apply for the guesthouse?
A: 10 days before your move-in date. If there are vacancies, then rental will be available all the time. Once we have received your deposit, we will confirm and keep the rented room for you.
Q: What do I need to bring when applying and signing the contract?
A: Please bring a copy of your photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc. ). If you are from abroad, please bring a copy of your passport and visa.
Q: Is there a key for each room? How do I get it?
A: Yes, there is key for each room. We will hand it to you on the date you move in. There are also rooms that have electronic locks on the doors.
About the contract
Q: After applying, is it possible to cancel the contract?
A: Yes, there will be a cancellation fee.
8 days to 1 month before check-in date 50% of maintenance fee
Within 7 days of check-in date 100% of maintenance fee
Q: How long is the duration of the contract?
A: The duration can be arranged and discussed for your preference ahead of time. However, the shortest contract length is 1 month, and the longest is 6 months.
Q: When the contract ends, can I prolong it?
A: Yes, you can. In order to continue the original contract, we will consider this as a new contract, therefore, it is required for the resident to sign the rental contract again. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are planning to continue your rental after the current ending contract. Depending on the vacancy of the rental room, there might be possibilities that you have to move to another room.
Q: Can I cancel the contract before it ends?
A: Yes. However, Please notify us 1 month before your cancellation. Also, the deposit will not be returned if the cancellation occurs before the contract ends.
Q: Is it possible to have 2 residents on one contract?
A: Yes, however, there will be additional charges.
Q: Where will we sign the contract?
A: At the rented guest house or our office.
About payment
Q: In the beginning, is there any additional fees required other than the rent?
A: Yes, the deposit is also required when reserving for the rental room.
Q: When signing the contract, how much in total should I pay?
A: The deposit and first month’s rent.
Q: How much is the rent if I move in or check out half way through a month?
A: We count the actual days the room is used in that month and calculate the percentage of the rent.
Q: What is the payment method for the rent and the other fees?
A: Please pay by transferring or in cash at our office.
About Check-out
Q: Can I cancel the contract before it ends?
A: Yes, please notify us 1 month ahead of time. If we receive your notification less than 1 month of cancellation, the rent will be calculated as 1 full month.
Q: What should I do when I need to check out the room?
A: Please notify us 1 month prior your check-out date.
Q: When checking out, is there any required fees?
A: Yes, the maintenance fee of 15000 yen will be paid during check-out.
About the rooms
Q: What are the shared facilities?
A: The basic facilities are TV, table, chairs, toilet, shower (free) and vacuum. In the kitchen, there are cooking and eating utensils, microwave and etc.
Q: What facilities are in the rental rooms?
A: Depending on the guest house, there might be slight differences. Basically, there are air conditioning, bed, comforter, curtains, refrigerator, trash can, bookshelf, desk, and etc.
Q: Do I need to bring my own mattress?
A: No, we have prepared a mattress for you.
Q: What kind of supplies do you provide?
A: We have also prepared toilet paper, trash bags, detergent for your use.
Q: Is there a parking lot?
A: No, please use the parking lot nearby.
Q: Do I need to apply for my own phone line?
A: Depending on the guest house, if needed, please kindly apply by yourself.
Q: Is there internet in each room?
A: Yes, wireless, or LAN. However, because the internet service is free, some of the computers cannot connect to the internet. Please confirm as early as possible. Please also refrain from bargaining for the rent because of the disconnection of the internet.
Q: Can my friend stay in my room?
A: Depending on the type of the room, but please apply ahead of time.
About staying in Greenhouse
Q: Is there a curfew?
A: No, but please try to avoid disturbing the other residents and the neighbors when coming back to the guest house.
Q: Is there a time limit for use of shower?
A: No, but please also consider for the other residents.
Q: Who throws away the trash?
A: The residents are responsible to throw away his or her own trash. For the trash in the public area, we kindly ask the residents to rotate shift to do the trash. We will arrange a schedule with the order of residents to handle the trash matters.
Q: Can I have a pet?
A: In the Kamata guest house, but we only allow cats.
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